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Modular School Furniture

Many of our school furniture are modular which offers many advantages and has made modular furniture very popular in school, play school, day care centers, preschool, creches etc. Many of our products including school desk, school chairs and tables, playground equipments and play toys are modular which can be easily transported and installed and whenever one has to shift to another place or classroom, they can be easily dismantled and taken to the desired place.

Modular School Furniture offers many advantages and some of them are given below:-
  • Modular furniture can be easily transported even from a long distance as they are made up of many small parts.

  • The same truck can carry more products when modular furniture are dismantled into smaller parts and hence logistics cost would be lower in case of modular school furniture which would bring down the overall cost of buying school furniture.

  • Modular furniture can be easily and quickly installed as per the space constraints of the clients.

  • Modular furniture are lower in cost as it results in optimum use of raw materials since they are made up of many smaller parts.

  • Modular School Furniture can be easily repaired. In case a school desk or chair is broken, one does not have to replace the whole desk or chair, but only the part which is broken which would result in substantial saving.

  • Modular furniture are long lasting as it is easy to install, dismantle, transport and repair.

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